Virtual Beamline Project at ELI Beamlines, 2013 - 2021
Collaboration with Jiri Vyskocil, Mariana Kecova, Pavel Janecka, Ales Holy and many scientists and engineers
The 'Virtual Beamline' initiative at ELI Beamlines, one of the world’s leading laser research laboratories, was centered around two main objectives: the Virtualization of Research Infrastructure and Interactive 3D Visualizations of Scientific Data. In the Virtualization of Research Infrastructure, I was deeply involved in the development of a comprehensive VR application using Unity 3D. This application has been pivotal in allowing users to navigate extensive labs and interact with physics simulation data. Attracting over 20K users to date, it has been key in visually presenting complex scientific instruments still in their conceptual stages.
Concurrently, for the Interactive 3D Visualizations of Scientific Data, I coordinated a small, specialized team to develop unique WebGL VR applications. These applications provide an immersive experience into detailed supercomputer simulations of laser-matter experiments, marking the initiative's second core objective.
Virtualization of Research Infrastructure
Detailed interactive 3D virtual model of research infrastructure and experiments
Virtual and augmented reality applications
Unity 3D and WebGL 2.0 applications development
Processing and optimization of detailed 3D CAD data
Development and testing of new solutions for performance optimization, realistic visualization, model interaction and experiment layout configuration
Interactive 3D Visualizations of Scientific Data
Interactive 3D Web Apps with VR mode based on in-house developed WebGL 2.0 framework
Currently supports: Particle-in-cell (Epoch, Osiris), Monte Carlo (Geant), HDF5 data workflow
Unified code base for various datasets, 18 and growing…
UI for controlling timeline, layers visibility (e.g. particles/fields data), grids
Info layer: graphs, legends, orthogonal views, description
Optimized for visualizations of very large datasets (originally TB simulations)
Design of Virtual Beamline Web Portal Interface, Prototypes Developed around 2019