Interactive Installation, Multiplied Fields / High Water / Mycelium Exhibition, Pragovka Gallery, Prague, 2022, Collaboration with Jiri Vyskocil, Hardware support by Jan Zobal
TRIP is a set of five interactive installations that transform the events in a space into psychedelic forms and mycelial structures through three-dimensional real-time scanning. TRIP 1 displays these forms in virtual reality. TRIP 2 and 3 map the projections of structures onto the floor, walls, and ceiling. TRIP 4 displays the events inside and outside an object created by a loop of four monitors. TRIP 25 abstracts reality and displays it on twenty-five monitors arranged in the pattern of a mycelial network in the form of a cellular automaton imprint. The movement of visitors influences the evolution of the systems that mediate the experience of transitioning between phases of TRIP.