This immersive pop-up exhibition emerges from interactive art workshops in Ukraine, reflecting on the everyday reality of the country tormented by unending terrorist attacks and highlighting the continuous need for support. It uses 3D scans created by workshop participants to contrast the vibrant culture of a free, democratic society with the brutalities of an ongoing war, now lasting over 500 days, marked by constant air raid alarms and pervasive anxiety. The exhibition blends these profound Ukrainian realities with a live gallery experience through digital 3D compositions, real-time scanning, virtual reality, and interactive multi-projection systems. A physical dimension is added through military artefacts, repurposed as symbols of resilience, rebirth, and the need for happiness. This experience aims to ignite a deep feeling of Ukraine's spirit and struggles, concluding with a solidarity-promoting auction of these artefacts to buy equipment and supplies urgently needed by frontline doctors.
Artists: Jiri Vyskocil, Jakub Grosz, and students of 3D Workshops in Ukraine
Curator: Vaclav Kasalicky
Technical Support: Jan Zobal
Prague 1, August 1 - 12, 2023