Interactive Installation, 3D Sensors, Metanoia Exhibition, Pragovka, 2021, Technical support by Jan Zobal
Transformation of real time multidimensional information into expressive forms is the main subject of the Figures interactive installation, where a highly complex system and many of its interlinked subsystems enable unique experiences. Two four-dimensional scanners stream hundreds of thousands of spatially distributed points thirty-times each second. These points represent the three dimensional physical reality of the installation space. Digital version of this actual physical reality is then reconstructed and reinjected into its position or rather its expressive two-dimensional orthographical re-representation. A combination of overlaps of spatially calibrated colored point clouds with expressive mapping of their forms acts as a mirror. A mirror where perspective is replaced with a flattened cross-section of space. Two perpendicularly arranged multi-monitor walls thus re-represent the presence of human bodies and their real time movement - a four dimensional system into two two-dimensional structures arranged in three-dimensional setup. While a dimensionality reduction does take place in this process from the perspective of spatial setup, an increase of dimensionality is at the same time achieved through transformation of raw colored points into lines, rectangles, and cubes. Furthermore, the parameters or rather variables that determine the length of lines and the size of rectangles as well as cubes are subject to mathematical operations that enable expression through abstraction and displacement. The result is that a massive technological structure and sculpture composed of twenty-eight monitors and three computers with a total of eight graphic cards enables simple interplay of dimensions through proprioceptive actions by participants. Acting as a bridge between physical and digital realities the concept of this installation is scalable and can also be realized with projections.