Experimental VR Installation, 2019, Cyberspace Workshop at Prague City University
How can a 4D hypercube be visualized in VR? What experiences unfold when a real-time 3D scan of an environment is superimposed onto physical space? These questions were partially answered in an experiment created during a Cyberspace workshop at Prague City University in 2019. However, this exploration led to even more intriguing questions. Utilizing Unity 3D, HTC Vive VR, and a Kinect 3D depth camera, this immersive art installation prototype transported participants into a higher-dimensional space. Here, a 4D perspective was mapped onto the orientation and position of the VR headset.
In addition, an interactive real-time 3D scan of the installation space, interpreted as a particle system and calibrated to align with the physical space, was integrated. This setup not only allowed participants to perceive themselves and their surroundings in novel forms but also played with dimensional complexity. To enhance this experience further, a 2D webcam feed from the Kinect camera was mapped as a live texture onto the real 4D hypercube generated in the code.
Collaboration with Jiri Vyskocil