Magical Optical Box
In 2015, while working on conceptual design alternatives for a laser beam distribution transport system from four of the world's most advanced lasers on the ground floor of the ELI Beamlines laser building to experimental halls in the basement, I conceived an idea for a new switchyard-like chamber, that would help solve spatial puzzle of directing three laser beams of a cross section of 25x25cm into vast plasma physics vacuum chamber for experiments. As it quickly turned out, such chamber could also provide additional capabilities such as delay lines, beam splitting, and modulation via crystals. My initial design work on this project included sketching potential layouts for mirrors and components, prototyping multiple 3D design concepts, and defining both spatial and functional constraints and requirements. In 2022, engineers from ELI, in collaboration with the company STREICHER, constructed the 'Magical Optical Box'.

QURe: The First Ultrafast Laser Radiotherapy Device
In 2020, I created a concept design for QURe, which is the first Ultrafast Laser Radiotherapy Device. Starting with paper sketches from scientist, I made the initial 3D designs that proposed a general structure, drawing inspiration from sophisticated medical devices. These designs helped the project in securing engineering collaboration with an applied science facility in Taiwan. Later on, this system was patented in both the US and EU.
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Dark Room
In 2019, I crafted a concept design for ELI Beamlines, aiming to repurpose an existing room into a Multifunctional Scientific Visualization Lab. Building on six existing VR stations, the proposed design introduced Hololens AR, 8K dual-projection on a black screen paint, Azure Kinect 3D tracking and gesture control, a ceiling grill for equipment mounting, new switchable polarization glass wall replacing solid partition, black floor, and the incorporation of existing furniture.
Skihostel 0°C
Design concept, Faculty of Architecture, Czech Technical University in Prague, 2007